The usage and the benefits of Nori


Special red algae called nori are used to make sushi. The Japanese use nori almost every day, which has a positive effect on their health.

Algae are crushed, dried on special nets, after which they look like green paper. It is used in both Japanese and Korean cuisines.
Japan, Korea և China are the main producers of nori. In Japan alone, they produce about $2 milliard worth nori.
In Korea, it is called "kim" (김). It differs in its salty taste, while the Japanese one has a sweet taste.
These algae are high in iodine, which is good for the thyroid gland. It is enough to eat 30 grams of new food a day for the body to receive the necessary daily dose of iodine.
These algae have been valued in Europe and even used in medicine.